steam engine - factorio wiki

Steam engine - Factorio Wiki

Dimensions: 3×5

Power production - Factorio Wiki

Steam Engine Power

Boiler - Factorio Wiki

Dimensions: 2×3

Steam turbine - Factorio Wiki

Dimensions: 3x5

Power MK2 engines and boilers mismatched? - …

2017-5-9 · MK1 and MK1 are tuned to each other, MK4 boiler and MK3 engine are tuned to each other. This means that the MK2 and 3 boilers and the MK2 engine are mismatched. I recomend upgrading the steam engine first, then the boiler, because otherwise you end up wasting fuel heating the temperature of the water above what the steam engine can make use of.

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boiler | factorio wiki | fandom

Boiler | Factorio Wiki | Fandom

2019-12-2 · The boiler is part of the steam engine process. In order for it to work, it must be supplied with cold water and fuel. It boils the water into steam, for the steam engine to use. (Steam Engine Process "Steam …

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bob's power - factorio mods

Bob's Power - Factorio Mods

Bob's Power. by Bobingabout. Adds new power structures. 11 days ago. 0.13 - 0.18. 814752. Power production; Download. posted by triktor 7 months ago. last message by LemonPower 4 days ago. g Last update rmoved Steam Engine 1. 7. posted by TomTom 14 days ago. last message by Bobingabout 8 days ago. i Are you a furry ? 1. b Boiler and

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bob and angels mod -> math for fuel per second for …

Bob and Angels Mod -> Math for Fuel per Second for …

Factorio. All Discussions the MK 2 Boilers don't reach the heat needed by Steam Engines MK 2. so you need some different ratios for boiler -> steam engine Last edited by Chatastroph; Nov 11, 2017 @ 12:26am #2. Ich bin ein Otaku the modfiles says the boiler MK-2 needs 3.1 MW, so the efficiency is already calculated in the ingame tooltip

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clean electric boiler - factorio mods

Clean Electric Boiler - Factorio Mods

I have been looking for an electric boiler for awhile. The only problem is every mod seems to be a source of infinite power. If there were somehow a way to turn down the amount of steam generated by a small amount to balance this? If you create a small loop of just one electric generator hooked to a tank and a steam engine.

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proper ratio of pump > boiler > steam engine? :: …

Proper ratio of pump > boiler > steam engine? :: …

1 pump = 1200 fluid/s, engines consume 30/s. We already know that the boiler:engine ratio is 1:2 because the devs said so. Do steam engines still consume 30/s or was it changed? Does steam behave in the exact same way as fluids? Can heat be transported via steam at full pipe capacity?

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